Silent Games was founded in 2018 by two former Ubisoft developers. Having spent many years as part of successful teams delivering major Triple A Titles our goal now is to create a "Double A" Studio with a specific focus: Cooperative Multiplayer RPGs.
Matchmaking has become the default system for organizing Players into groups in Multiplayer games, however this creates throwaway relationships as there is very little chance and low incentive for repeat play which is antithetical to building trust and rapport among Players. This leads to a lack of teamwork and synergy in-game as players are constantly forced to start over with strangers in each new session.  

At Silent Games our mission is to create the best cooperative multiplayer games where players are required to play synergistically to succeed and give them supporting systems and features designed to help create long-term relationships so they can organize themselves to overcome the challenges they are presented with in-game together. Additionally we are developing tools and systems for "Asynchronous Multiplayer" giving players the choice to adventure solo but still with a meaningful connection to other real players. 

For an example of how this comes together in an actual game please see our first in-development title:

A Life of Consequence.

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