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Hey everyone,

Sally from Silent Games here! We wanted to give you a quick update on how things are progressing with us, since we've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes and want to keep everyone up to date with the latest.

Firstly, we've been focusing a lot on finessing our pitch, aimed at securing investment so that we can start building the foundations of the game. This includes creating a lot of beautiful artwork, and a video storyboard of our Opening Sequence that really represents the core of what A Life of Consequence is all about.

Secondly, we've also started a partnership with Teeside University, which will allow us to offer paid internships to students. We're really excited about this because we know there is some amazing talent at Teeside and the future of developers from there is looking bright! For us, it's really important that opportunities with us are paid, so it's a mutually beneficial programme that will help us develop our prototype but also allow students to work as part of a team to develop games in a structured environment. I'm sure we'll have lots to share once the scheme begins!

And finally, alongside everything else, we've been working on the overall Life of Consequence systems, including dialogue systems, control systems, abilities, stats, status effects - the list goes on! We hope to talk about our high level plans more in a development diary - hopefully this transparency will be interesting for our future players.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us thus far, the kind comments as well as the critique and constructive feedback that people have taken the time to give is genuinely having a positive impact on the game, and on us too.

Will check back in again soon!

Sally Co-founder of Silent Games


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