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The Hub is where the Player will return to between every excursion to the Ruined City, it is a safe zone as well as a location where all the various amenities can be found such as several Merchants, the Blacksmith, the Tailor, the Guild Master and the Tavern.

Our goal with the Hub is for it be a relief from the bleak atmosphere and high-intensity combat of the Ruined City. While your time in the Ruined City is spent exploring or fighting, here in the HUB activities involve character building, inventory management and talking to NPCs. The tone is fairly upbeat and cheery – despite the malfunction of the machine and the dire state the city finds itself in, the people in the Hub specifically are generally making the best of the situation and are excited by the discovery of the Ruined City and all the possibilities it brings. The Hub is inhabited by Adventurers and Mercenaries but also Scientists and Archaeologists for whom the Ruined City is the discovery of a lifetime. So while it may be true the city as a whole is not doing well, in this little corner there is a lot of excitement and optimism.

One of the most important sets of NPCs in the HUB are the Merchants, these opportunistic traders have seized the chance to profit greatly from the extraordinary discoveries being made on a daily basis since the uncovering of the Ruined City. Such is the fascination with this lost civilization that even mere baubles and trinkets are fetching a high price. Consumables are cheaper and fortunately for the Adventurers who rely on them, they seem ever plentiful within the Ruins.

While many items recovered from the Ruined City are either non-functional curiosities or consumed after a single use there are exceptionally rare, fully intact and functioning mechanisms that can provide permanent effects. Naturally these command exorbitant prices, far more than a single adventurer could ever hope to raise even in a lifetime. These highly sought after relics can be purchased by Guilds who have diligently managed their finances and saved up enough to afford them - when activated, they infer a permanent boon upon the entire Guild membership. 

Concept art of a Merchant in the Hub with his eclectic collection of oddities for sale



While the Ruined City holds many mysteries and perhaps even the means to repair the Machine and end the suffering it is causing, it is far too dangerous for Scientists and Archaeologists to explore. Venturing into the Ruined City and returning alive requires experienced Adventurers and fortunately there's no shortage of those! As the vanguard of the effort to uncover the Ruined City's secrets you will join other players in gradually peeling away its mysteries. 

There are eight distinct Districts that can be visited in the Ruined City which serve as the game's "Dungeons" (instanced playable areas). Each District is a specific area that has a functional purpose within the City giving it a unique appearance and tone: 



Residential District


Quarantine Zone


Military Base


Concept Art of a small square within the Residential District

As you explore these excavated areas you will learn more about the people who built this inscrutable place, why they hid below ground, what monstrous tragedies befell them and ultimately play a key role in determining the fate of your own city and its people.


After all, what benefit is there in uncovering the past if your discoveries are not used to build a better future? 

A look inside The Factory - one of the eight explorable Districts in the Ruined City

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