A True RPG

  • Explore the ancient ruins of a once great City, fight back the horrors that yet inhabit this inscrutable place to uncover the mystery behind its downfall and eventually learn the real truth.

  • Utilise a myriad of ancient technology available to loot to create unique builds using a Classless system that offers immense customization and flexibility.

  • You are not the only one invested in these discoveries, work together with a compelling cast of Non-Player Characters who each possess their own motives in helping or hindering you on your journey.

Role-Based Combat

  • Play as a Tank, Healer, Ranged or Melee Damage Dealer in the classic "Holy Trinity" brought to an Action RPG for the first time.

  • Adopt the role that fits your play-style and inclination or switch roles as the party requires, changing your role is as simple as swapping to a different Weapon!

  • Each role comes with its own set of abilities that can be mix and matched into a unique build of your creation.

  • Work together to overcome intense combat challenges that will test your mastery of the combat role you have chosen and the teamwork of your party.

A New Approach to Multiplayer

  • Create your party by finding like-minded players to adventure with or by hiring AI companions. Uniquely, the AI companions available to recruit are perfect copies of other players Characters, known as Doppelgangers, including their appearance, equipment, skills and proficiencies.

  • You can also make your own Doppelganger available for other players to recruit and earn special rewards when its hired, creating an ecosystem of asynchronous multiplayer interactions.

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