"The people down there? Alive is perhaps the wrong word, animate would be a more apt description and monstrously dangerous. By the look of you it seems you can't wait to get down there and find out for yourself, well don't say I didn't warn you. If you make it back that is…"

- First Physician Hanwyn Dryden

Whatever caused the downfall of the great civilization that built the Ancient City still haunts it to this day. It's people are now husks, mindless horrors that viciously attack any intruders. Many are mutated with strange growths, amalgamated unnaturally with other organic life-forms. While you may be curious to uncover the terrible truth behind their disfigurement, first you will have to survive their assaults and inch your way deeper into to the heart of the Ruined City. 


Our Enemy types are split into three categories and seven sub-categories: 

Human Enemies: 

Prisoners - the unfortunate souls left to rot in the dungeons, they are the least well-equipped but are the most heavily affected by the mutation

Sect - a nihilistic organization that rebelled against the Ancient City's rulers and their edict to stay below the earth. 

Military - the standing army of the Ancient City, they have the best Armour and Weapons while also being able to perform advanced combat tactics.

A "Brute" enemy belonging to the Prisoner Category showing the extent of the mutation

An example of an enemy in the Military Category with powerful equipment

Creature Enemies: 

Uniquely all Creature type enemies have a "normal" and "mutated" state, the latter is always associated with a particularly devastating special attack. 

Indigenous - natural inhabitants living underground they were also greatly affected by the same mutation that afflicts the people and livestock of the Ancient City. 

Livestock - exactly how the people of the Ancient City fed themselves is another mystery to be solved but they did keep some livestock, not nearly enough to feed an entire city but enough to leave behind mutated and dangerous beasts for you to deal with! 

An indigenous semi-aquatic predator showing normal and mutated states

One of the Livestock animals in its normal and mutated state

Automaton Enemies: 

Workers - A variety of units with a wide-ranging set of purposes built to keep the City maintained and it's factories staffed. 

Militarized - Exceptionally powerful units designed exclusively for combat, fortunately there's not many of these left in the Ruined City but should you be unfortunate enough to cross paths with one be prepared for a grueling encounter. 

An example of an Automaton Worker used in the Factories of the Ruined City

One of the most overwhelmingly dangerous Enemies in the game, these units were designed with deadly intent

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